Letter to The Magus

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Letter to The Magus

Post  Add9k on Thu May 23, 2013 7:17 pm

The Magus of Ranzington,

I request that your attention be bestowed to the collection of ‘Encylopedia Magicka’ which you offer for sale to the public. I have conducted research and reviewed the full collection of scrolls to discover a certain amount are not arcane scripture, thus can not be included to the spellbook of customers studying arcane magic.

If you so choose to spare the time to improve your merchandise, in this letter I include below a list of scrolls misplaced in each respectable volume. I investigated your full collection of scrolls to discover that nearly all of the scrolls of each spell are available for individual and bulk purchase in arcane scripture, with the exception of Doom and Poison.
I checked to discover that both Volumes VI and VIII are organized appropriately with the correct scrolls of arcane scripture.

Volume I; Bane, Doom, Remove Fear, Sanctuary

Volume II; Charm Person or Animal, Hold Animal, Remove Paralysis, Sound Burst

Volume III; Invisibility Purge, Poison

Volume IV; Call Lightning, Dominate Animal

Volume V; Inferno

Volume VII; Blade Barrier

Volume IX; Create Greater Undead

It is my hope that the results of this research provides insight on helping you to rectifying the organization of certain scrolls in the “Encylopedia Magicka’ collection. The service you provide to the wizards of this island is both commendable and exceptional.

P.S. Compensation for the loss of coin in this purchase of divine scrolls is not necessary due to the fact that a late cleaven soldier, may he resurrect deformed, who generously sacrificed his life and coin to the funding of this research.

Just one of many customers,
Abby Ravixt
*The last name is signed with the dot of the i replaced by a small heart.*


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