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Post  -Rabidus- on Wed Oct 17, 2012 11:12 pm

Within the battle masters office sits a man, a brown haired well built man, he sits in the chair, leaning forward over the desk. He clutches a key in one hand, and a note in the other. The flicker of the flame from the candle on his desk is the only source of warmth, source of light in the room, the light revealing the mans face as he states blankly at the wall.

Moments would pass, yet the man would not move, his tight grip on a letter maintains, as he runs the key back and forth across his chin. His cold gaze still locked on the wall in front of him as thoughts and memories flood his mind.

A memorie takes ahold of his mind, a troublesome recruit with too much fight for his own good, more then enough arrogance to be his downfall. A recruit that wouldn't be told, hard headed just like the rest, wanting to make a name, prove he was the strongest. The hooded recruit spent days on his own, with his sour attitude, scaring off any attempts of communication, instead he would train, and when his body felt like it couldn't take anymore, he would train harder, the man beating every ounce of what he considered weakness from himself. The recruit ate his meals alone, thought he didn't need anyone, that he could win this war alone. The day came where Cleaven would remember his name, the day he dared charge into battle headstrong, the day he got recognition, though he was feared as much as he was praised, his name would bring even the hairs in captain Hullet's neck rise and send a shiver down his spine. He achieved what he wanted, what he set out to do, he made a name for himself - a needed ally, and a formidable foe. Though he lacked something, and he couldn't put his finger in what it was.

This memory ran through Than's mind over and over again, each time making the warrior more and more angry. More moments would pass before Than snapped, a roar of anger erupts as he raises from the chair, flipping the table, sending it spiralling across the room. "You fool!" He. Shouts as he slams his fists against the wall in rapid succession, his blows getting harder until the wall cracks under his force. Than slumps forward against the wall, breathing heavily, still holding on to a note in one hand and key in the other, which was slightly blooded after pushing the key into his palm, causing it to break his skin.

A single tear would form, and roll down his cheek before falling from his chin and splashing on the letter. "I miss you too" he murmurs before turning in his heels and making his way over to a oak cabinet. He would look at a glass vase, full of blue flowers, looking at the tag 'blue, because it suits you best..' He smiles for a moment, before placing the note next to the flowers. Than sighs as he runs a hand through his hair "I miss you too.. Myra, even though I'd never say it.." The words linger in the office, and out down the corridor, the flickering of the light still seen under the door, until a fizzing sound can be heard, and the light disappears, leaving Than and the room in darkness, how he once preferred to be...

// feel free to have a character hear the loudness of the commotion and comment below


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