Information for those new to the mod

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Information for those new to the mod

Post  SnarleysAngel on Fri Mar 04, 2011 5:55 pm

Anphillia Genesis is a very party biased server with pretty steep xp penalties for death. The environment mobs usually consist of pretty balanced monster groups that make it difficult for any one style of character to have an easy time with them. It was designed this way to cultivate team work and diversity of characters in a party.

There are some things to know about starting out. The captains in each fort offer some per boot quests for certain level ranges from 4 - 17(ish). You can take advantage these for extra xp and coins. Due to the party biased nature of the server and the strengthened summons, a good way to help get a few early levels is to find a way to get some pets. There are many items that can provide you with some even if you don't have UMD or are a caster class. If you introduce yourself and ask the other members of your fort for assistance (IC of coarse) it's doubtful one would have a problem.

You don't get very much to start with as a new character, coins included, so if you want to do it all yourself you can start off by killing a few fire beetles and collecting their bellies. The vendor should reward you for them at an increasing rate depending on how many you turn in at a time.

The vendors in both forts sells some dust of disappearance. This gives you two uses of improved invisibility a day. It's not cheap but it will save your life many times over so getting some should be one of your first priorities.

Looting on the server is nearly all done through opening chests which can't be bashed. Almost all characters will benefit from having at least one skill point in open lock and disable trap. There are spells and items available to players to boost these skills to a usable state available around the mod, including lock picks at both forts' vendors. Unless you have some friends that can help you get into chests you will find yourself remaining very poor without the ability to open the basic locks protecting the loot.

The fastest and safest way to level a character is to be able to travel with a party of similar (within 4) levels and to fight enemies with at least easy difficulty. If this is not an option then trying to get some summons from fort mates will probably be your next best option.

Hope you find this helpful, anyone with anything to add please feel free to reply.


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