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Post  Dae_Blazin on Mon Mar 03, 2014 11:29 pm

So, for the new mod we're going with CNR for the crafting system. Except base CNR is for levels 1-20 old style, which is NOT going to work, and make crafting worthless. I need some help, so I'm making this post to get some ideas.

For starters, weapons, narrowed down to melee weapons. For this, there is 3 metals, with enchantments, or coatings.

Copper (nothing), Enchanted (weapons damage as Lighting), Coated Gold (???)
Bronze +1, Enchanted (weapon damage as Acid), Coated Silver (dispel)
Iron +2, Enchanted (weapons damage as Fire), Coated Titanium (+2 Keen)

I need something for a gold coating, and also some feedback to know if this is a good set.

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CNR workings Empty Re: CNR workings

Post  Light Grenades on Tue Mar 04, 2014 2:55 pm

so the new server will only be lvls 1 to 20 ? i heard your character has to eat and drink in this one ? they tried that on a old dallin server it didnt work , you would die in the middle of combat because poeple didnt see in battle it would scroll by to fast . heres a idea , lets keep the continuum mode and add ats crafting and areas to the server ???

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