My thoughts from last year + new thoughts on 40+ progression

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My thoughts from last year + new thoughts on 40+ progression

Post  Rugnarie on Thu Oct 31, 2013 11:22 am

I was asked for some new ideas, I didn't want to spam the topic with 40+lvl progression...Realized I already wrote some ideas a year ago.
(btw. none of my suggestions were put into reality, so imagine my enthusiasm on a matter of creating ideas....)
Somebody already mentioned Master Crafter beign able to do stuff...Well, below are some suggestions.

Also some fresh stuff for level 40+:

- Instead of a horse you could ride a dragon/goblin/wolf! (imagine a dwarf sitting on back of a goblin xD )
- Level 41 could have his OWN TOILET! (ffs, give me just one stupid placeable, that looks like a toilet and you can sit on it and I will shut up Smile)
- persistant chests
- pure casters could have an extra skelly and also another version of Animate Dead: Archers
- Making Turn Undead useful if you play an evil cleric - you could actually dominate a lich or whatever undead nasty.
- HiPS for level 45 (given you have at least 30 sneaker classes)
- having something named after your char/creating an item in dedication to some character/statue/quest..
- I love the idea of being immune to True Sight(TVals?), but given history, this would only lead to insane abusing.
- Rogues being able to pick lock on gates
- Rangers being able to animal empathy Dra'grem/Blue queen (give her name ffs)
- My head hurts.

Rugnarie @ September 2012 wrote:Hey,

everything’s kinda happenning fast on me right now. I passed the interviews, having graduation, starting a job, moving out from my parents‘, preparing for job...There’s just not enough time for me to play anymore....
I wanted to come through with a promise before I leave, so here are the ideas. Hope you find a scripter that has tons of time to make some of it working. Smile

Greater Aqua belt 2 dyed medium clothes, Slaad tongues
Greater Black belt 2 dyed medium clothes, Slaad tongues
Greater Blue belt 2 dyed medium clothes, Slaad tongues
Greater Brown belt 2 dyed medium clothes, Skeleton’s knuckles
Greater Bronze belt 2 dyed medium clothes, Blue Dragon blood
Greater Gold belt 2 dyed medium clothes, Rakshasa’s eye
Greater Gray belt 2 dyed medium clothes, Rakshasa’s eye
Greater Green belt 2 dyed medium clothes, Balor’s blood
Greater Lime belt 2 dyed medium clothes, Frozen heart
Greater Olive belt 2 dyed medium Skeleton’s knuckles
Greater Purple belt 2 dyed medium clothes, Blue dragon’s blood
Greater Red belt 2 dyed medium clothes, Blue Dragon’s blood
Greater Silver belt 2 dyed medium clothes, Essence of Parameus
Greater Teal belt 2 dyed medium clothes, Frozen heart
Greater White belt 2 dyed medium clothes, Balor Blood

Now. The ammount of the ingrediences is up to you, personally I’d make it 2 per belt.
BUT. What would really make tailoring unique would be limiting the supply of ingrediences.(I was running with two bags of blue dragon blood since level 12 and I still got it because of your stupid deer spawns. =)
Example – Only blue dragon queen gives a blue dragon blood, 2 vials.(Juvenile drags zero)
- Silver belts now use Essence of Parameus as a component. Raut leader generates only 1 essence.(also I’d make a timelock on generating the essence like once/10 IRL hours)

I still haven’t come up with use for RD blood (since it’s quite hard to obtain in comparison with other components)

Other tailoring options – say if you introduced back white stags and other animals, it would add some diversity into MOD, also you could make more insane recipes, say...White belt needs 3 white medium hardened hides(from white stag).

Also I had the idea of making bats get small black hide from a bat....They could be used for boots for example...

Another thing that came to mind was having some use for polar bears...Now brown bears would give large hides that would be used for mage/monk robes...leather armors generally.
But if you wanted to make a full plate, you would need a hardened hide from Polar bears.

Another suggestion – for a really absurd ammount of money, you could actually buy ATS points from the guy in a trade (smith, jeweller)...Say 100 ATS points for 5 milion gps(or more).

Adding an animal boss Bear and Deer (some really insane thing, stronger than ent or grand druid), that would generate 4 hides of a kind(large or medium, depending on the boss)

Different visuals for hardened hides...For a tailor it’s a mess to have bags full of hides and large, medium and small look all the same...

Drinking dye should cause some really kinky effects, the higher the flower was on a difficulty list, the crazier effects.(near death dmg, insta know, fun stuff!)


I really think there should be some changes to properties on copper-brozne-iron-silver weapons. Nobody with a brain would ever used a thing with +1ab vs. Animals...C’mon.
Total revamp should be done in a way, that you can actually see somebody running in pvp with a weapon that isn’t from mithril or shop or chest.
Only thing I could have come up with was +7enh vs undeads and some positive/divine dmg for silver weapons, Iron with similar properties vs Dragons and I think there should be some things like...Exc. Copper Scimitar: +1enh, Slay Racial group(outsiders) on hit...You get the point...Some ideas are totally unbalanced, but if you wanted a balance, you wouldn’t ask me to make a list full of crazy ideas. Smile

Also I think Masters Crafters should be able to create some rare items.
Let’s say there are new recipes that have better properties than unique Condor’s stuff or at least same..For example longsword Pernicious Deal(+5enh/2positive/2negative/+spellcraft/UEF once a day).
Now there would be something similar but in order to make it, you would need like shittons of stuff, that would take you at least 3 weeks to gather. Say 14 red dragon bloods(one bag), 14 blue dragon blood, 30 skeleton knuckles, mithral weapon(scythe if the rare item would be scythe, longsword if it would be longsword), ingots, ideal cut emeralds, diamonds, and really obscene ammount of gold, say 10 get the idea.

There’s White robes of archmagi in condors...Tailors could make those, but they would need same insane ammount of stuff like with weapons....

I really missed some persistant quests on Anph lately, where you would be ordered to bring in tons and tons and tons of stuff and in the end as a reward you would get some nice item or a new area, Think this would give some motivation to crafters...

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