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Post  Professor Plum on Fri Feb 22, 2013 1:26 am

Devoid of any great ceremony, the votes are counted and are confirmed two-fold to Daler.

With a firm nod, he unhooks an old key from his belt and tosses it to Rann Cora.

He smirks, offers his congratulations and a heavy 'good-luck' before being sucked into an in-depth conversation about the state of Cleaven's latest shipment of fruit.

A small, wiry many approaches and leaves a small parchment - detailing a complete renewal of the chambers and a time to meet, to discuss this.

// I'll try and catch you soon, why did the American have to win?! I'm even more grumpy when I'm tired!

Thanks for all the votes, remember to hassle Rann for positions of power!
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