(OOC) DM Interaction Requests

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(OOC) DM Interaction Requests Empty (OOC) DM Interaction Requests

Post  Professor Plum on Fri Jan 11, 2013 12:43 pm

Hey guys!

I have alittle more time on my hands having sorted out a bunch of RL stuff. I'll be more active on the DM side of things.

If anyone has any specific requests for plot lines that are character specific, or any way in which I can make the world feel more alive with you - do let me know. The best way for this would be via PM!

Not all requests will be approved, in fact I anticipate the majority won't. As long as they're sensible then I will try my best to get in touch and get around to it.

There are no guidelines for these: areas, scripts, items, NPC interaction are all potentials - be as creative as you want. (That being said don't expect me to read past +20 Vorpal Sword Of Awesomeness, you will be dissapointed)

Happy huntin'
Professor Plum
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