One strange evening...

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One strange evening...

Post  Rugnarie on Wed May 16, 2012 1:45 pm

It was a cold evening at the Southwest of Grandforest for Shaco, who started preparing for an adventure in the Cleaven territory. In the middle of his preparations he noticed a person, most likely a cleaven, approaching. Shaco hid in the shadows and jumped him. "Gimme your gold or die where you stand!" After a slight hesitation, the person gave away all his gold. Shaco was so proud! Finally a cleaven he robbed without killing! He let the cleaven run away and was about to finish his preparations. Then he realized he lost his helmet...You know the saying about a payback....Of course, the helmet was found by the robbed Cleaven.

They met again in the Ranzington city and started to negotiate a deal for a helmet. Shaco offered various magical items, yet the Cleaven seemed not to be interested, until he had seen a Namarra rapier. Figure in green coat took the rapier and refued to give it back, so Shaco had to come with a different item of interest. Ring of Omnipotence IV in Shaco's hand seemed like a good deal for a Cleaven who turned out to be a paladin. Then an Axfell woman in green, who had problems with Shaco in the fort before joined the negotiations. She has beaten Shaco's offer and got herself Shaco's helmet. Shaco swore she would die very soon.....

He marched outside the gates and set every single trap he had in his magical bags, and he waited.....

Finally. She set off the first trap. BOOM! BOOM! ZAP! "Hm, she might make it out alive...."
Shaco took his sling off his belt and threw two rocks at her direction. Perfect headshots. She was dead in seconds.

Shaco was so furious, he had to take his revenge on her even in her death. He finished his art with a rather liquid consistence containing beans.....

//I would like to thank Sexy Sniper and Laama for going through with this...Even without DMs, we had tons of fun together!!
P.S. Pity it had to come at a price of a faction death Smile

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