A Captive Audience

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A Captive Audience

Post  TheeVals on Sat Sep 17, 2011 11:46 am

Myra walked the familiar pathway of fort Cleaven after a few nights of settling in. She remained within the fort since arriving from the city. At first the fort seemed empty and dead from any activity, she busied herself with cleaning out the council chambers and writing a few bulletin messages. By chance while taking her next shift of duty, after a few days, she met a few new faces and got a sense of the war's current state then sat in the hidden forest "alone" to reflect and meditate on the day’s events.

However Myra’s forms quickly offered council on the current events and situation and her mind became bombarded with her own thoughts and that of her forms…

Elnovira- “Alright so Than is still a legend, even to the new soldiers fighting this war, I’ll catch you a few fish.”
Persia- “Makes surrre they are from the well, merow! Cleaven betterrr not have emptied it out…”

Myra; "There seems to be a few changes around the fort, I half dread to venture outside to discover any possible changes to the island."

Elnovira- “Perhaps a good reason not to get so involved and keep this visit a short and sweet one?”
Azer Princess- “Ha! Ye not bin payin’ attention lass, s’far the visit nay been all tha’ sweet… I be doubting it’ll be short…”
Persia- “I still thinks we should stay a while, merow. Been a while since I thrrrew my ice and seems axfell can prrrovide purrrfect targets.”

Myra; I haven’t decided how long I plan for us to stay…

Elnovira- “I’m simply concerned for you; we all remember our time spent here. This island…. This war, it changes people… and not always in a good way.”
Persia- “you betterrr not be implying it made me vicious, yets again!”

Myra; I know what you mean, and I agree. If I agreed to leave the moment your worries occur, would that ease your concern?

Faint thoughts of other forms bickering and conversing among themselves surface as interruption…

Emza- “There is very little joy in watching a sickened prey vomit there weak pathetic innards till they bleed to death.”
Venom- “isss not for joy, bessst defenssse.”
Emza- “Hard to be attacked if they become incased in a block of ice, especially after they’re shattered.”
Yumil- “Shut up about your preference of ice before you set that ball of flame off preaching the value of burning everyone to a crisp.”
Azer Princess- “ye’ nay be callin’ me no ball if ye met my axe in battle, ye’ over grown eel.”
Casey- “No sense in arguing over who would be victorious in a duel.”
Illivira pipes up in drow with a comment.
Casey- “She suggested to use the tiger-hin to settle the dispute.”
Persia- “Nooooooooo! NOT to beats on cute little kitty! Though… shame she not male, Merow…”

Myra; Come on everyone, you know the rules… No feeding off of or harming fellow soldiers, no excessive flirtation and invading personal space… and… no fortune telling.

Vampress- “oppressive tyrant!”
Yumil- “Surely, no one would mind the loss of a few incompetent annoyances?”
Azer Princess- “Oi lass, I tried ta’ warn em gits tha’ my flames be to hot for em ta’ ‘andle.”
Persia- “Merow, it’s a crrrrime to not sharrre my soft furrr with my lovely pets”
Elnovira- “Its harmless entertainment, I can’t help it if people are superstitious about their unpleasant fate”

At this point Myra concentrated her focus elsewhere to ignore and silence her form’s further objections. She noticed a significant amount of time had past and the night was young so she retired to the council chambers.

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Déjà Vu

Post  TheeVals on Sun Sep 18, 2011 10:47 pm

While on duty Myra was stood just outside cleaven communications’ building when she was approach by a soldier known as Zerola. He offered a scribed letter to her, expressing a preference of being discreet…

Casey- “This seems familiar… you surfacers and your ‘courtship’ customs”
Persia- “Sturdy nature man, seems perrrfect match for play mate. Unlucky you Myrrra… now you miss out, Merow.”
Azer Princess- “Tha’ be nay man thar. Can nay cause ‘eads te roll oi bet! She aint missin’ out on anythang”
Elnovira- “Oh my, it has only been a week or so since you’ve been back and you’ve already got an admirer, tsk tsk.”
Yumil- “They might all be amused to witness random men flirt with you. Witnessing me slaughtering hoards of creatures is more appealing.”

The possibility of her form’s perspectives and assumptions being accurate caused her to dread history repeating itself.
It was obvious enough as Myra frowned and hesitantly accepted the letter that she was worried, Zerola indicated the contents of the letter to be political and reassured it was nothing harmful before walking away.
Myra sighed with relief and contemplated whether to carry on with her current tasks or permit political paper-work to delay her. She could already hear within her mind that her forms were debating battle preparations to practice their prowess...

Elnovira- “Best plan is to patrol around the fort and then move outwards to discover any possible changes of the island.”
Persia- “That wouldn’t prrroves effectives towarrrd prepurrrring for fights, Merow”
Yumil- “It’s most amusing how a few of you feel a need to regain combat skills, I’m confident that I’ve retained mine.”
Casey- “Yours were never all that useful towards winning this war…”
Persia- “Merow! That’s right, mines werrre!”

Myra; “Don’t start bickering over who is of most value or powerful. There is enough division surrounding me as is.”

Elnovira- “Myra is right and we all in our own ways require a bit of practice since last we were in combat.”
Azer Princess- “S’longs as we go ‘bout it solo, nay need no ninneh corpse ‘indrances.”
Casey- “I too, think it best not to involve others in this mission of ours. Least they discover any weaknesses.”

Myra walked towards the council chambers while her forms continued to debate over their preference of discovering any possible setbacks from time spent not using any combat skills. She had decided to take care of a few non-blood shed tasks for now and more or less knew already her ideal approach to regain her combat capabilities after a period of time spent peacefully.

Later on during the night shift Myra could be seen leaving the fort for the first time since she had arrived for her visit. She was accompanied by a scythe wielding soldier known as Karlando, despite the preference and advice of certain forms to be self sufficient.
They returned within the average amount of time it would take to complete a patrol of the fort’s southern and northern domains.


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This Means War...?

Post  TheeVals on Fri Sep 23, 2011 11:56 pm

Myra was busy familiarizing herself with her old belongings when she heard the blazing of a horn signal requesting a gathering. Once she recalled the signal’s meaning she stepped out from the jewelers to investigate.
She didn’t get far as a dwarf stepping out of Nadie’s. However, it wasn’t long till the source of the signal, Maria, approached them both. After pleasantries and political chit chat was exchanged a training session was agreed upon.

Myra traveled as the masked robed form, Elnovira, and they reached Ranzington…

Elnovira; Look Myra, the cattle is still left out in the open.

Myra- “… and the wall and guards are gone…”
Illivira made a comment in drow.
Casey- “She said ‘Its expected of surfacers to make themselves so vulnerable’, but I wonder if there is a reason the city lowered its defenses.”
Yumil- “Despite the obvious stupidity of inferior races, at least there is no longer a tight fit to get into this place.”

Once at the gate, the dwarf pointed out a flag which had a message written on it:
Myra collected this desecrated Cleaven flag as well as four others, scattered along the way towards the city’s town hall. She found the personalized attacks on each listed ‘council member’ somewhat amusing, except for the one directed towards Radoc.

The group carried on with their plans and the trip was overall ‘pleasant’ and ‘beneficial’. Once they returned to the fort, Myra retired to the council chambers.
She unpacked a looked over the flag-messages she collected in the city. Taking the message directed at Radoc and forcing it to hang on the wall which her desk faces:

PRAETOR: RADOC CAREN “You’ve never heard of me??? Ohhh that’s right.. you weren’t even born when I deserted the Cleaven Armed Forces…”

Myra then sat in contemplation…

Persia- “Those other messages arrre more insultings, Merow. Why you only upset overrrr Rrrrradocs?”
Elnovira- “Insults made out of frustration and ignorance. I do not need to consult my cards to know that her future doesn’t bode well.”

Myra; I’m not so much upset as I am disappointed. I guess it’s because the writer lacked creativity.

Elnovira- “Myra, its obvious who the ‘writer’ is.”
Casey- “Now would be the best time to strike, before there is more than that one incompetent insubordinate soldier to deal with.”
Azer Princess- “Oi nay be loikin’ tha id’er tha’ all them gits be ‘untin’ us down. Lemmie roast tha lass, problem solve!”
Persia- “Merrrow, I shed my prrrecious furr during battles. Kill that ungrrrreatful wench!!”
Vampress- “Cut her hands off, rip her tongue out, and board her on the next ship off this island. The release of death is a reward, not a punishment.”

Myra; Wait!! Calm down!

Yumil- “We’ll take them all down one by one before they attempt to attack us, I call dibs on the hin.”
Persia- “Merow, I want dig my claws into that dwarrrf!”
Vampress- “I’ll suck all the blood out of that freak who takes the phrase flower bed so literal.”
Elnovira- “Everyone, shush and lets hear Myra out.”

Myra; Bela’dra is a prime suspect, sure. But it could be someone else. Their actions aren’t all too disruptive, our survival isn’t in danger so lets all calm down and stop plotting rash decisions.

Casey- “Myra, make use of that rank of yours. Do you honestly think being merciful and tolerating a rebel will benefit you in this war? What of the army you’re supposed to be leading?”
Azer Princess- “If ye preferin’ a more civil approach, tha Captin’ o’ yers shud be informed an’ ye shud be preventin’ tha’ rebel’s influence.”
Yumil- “I still think we’re better off killing everyone before they consider killing us.”

Myra; Dignifying these failed attempts of mutiny doesn’t seem like a wise course of action. I’ll ask for you all to be patient and we’ll wait to see if things improve or get worse.

Myra stood up, wrapped up the flags and neatly piled them all onto a shelf among some books. She then headed back outside to go on duty for the night shift.

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Post  TheeVals on Mon Oct 03, 2011 2:34 am

Myra retired to Ranzington’s library after a long journey, battling along side two Cleaven, a druid and shifter. She sat down with her note book to review and jot down a few reminders as her forms were still chattering about the events which transpired…

Yips- “I’s strong, I’s carry both humans man and cute tiny kitty! Yep yep!”

Myra; “I would have preferred for them both to walk out alive.”

Persia- “Merow, not many value surrrvival once agains...”
Azer Princess- “oi s’bad ‘nuff tha’ be gettin’ in ma way ‘n nearly gettin’ us killed, can nay s’pect me ta keep ‘em gits standin’, lass!”

Myra; “No, I don’t blame you or them. I’m just disappointed. I had hoped their battle skills would be better developed at their stage of power…”

Casey- “One might expect a person not to allow the same exact tactic to defeat them more than once.”
Yumil- “I’m not surprised… and watching that silly human charge forward then having to retreat because he’s incapable of handling it! Ha!”
Persia- “You shut up, Casey! Tiny kitty has potentials to learrrn skills, Merow”
Elnovira- “What of the male?”
Persia- “He far too flirty. Prrreferrs challenge, Merow.”

Myra; “He does seem a bit odd… there is just something about him that makes me uneasy.”

Persia- “You gots the hots for naturrre man? Merow!”
Yips- “Nooo nooo, weird sleepy man be weird. We stay with Than! Yep yep!”
Elnovira- “Ahem… Is it the whole sudden ‘friendship’ thing?”
Casey- “Accepting someone’s request for friendship was never her strongest quality… remember that demon girl?”

Myra; “Its not just that, something just doesn’t seem right about him.”

Yumil- “Besides the fact that as a warrior, he is a lost cause?”

At this point Myra brings forth a memory of long ago, down in the Ranzington crypts. Back before Alexander and Than became seasoned warriors capable of capturing the relic:
Alex boasted over Than’s capability in battle and Yumil nudged Than ahead into battle against a vampire. After Alex saved Than from near death, the dragon ridiculed him over how easily defeated he was.
The recollection of this memory put an abrupt halt to Yumil’s chuckling and awakened laughter from a few other forms.

Azer Princess- “Nay tha’ guud of a judge o’ wha’ makes a prop-warrior, ye overgrown lizard git!”
Elnovira- “Too soon to tell, that druid male might eventually learn some independence.”

Myra; “Better get back to the fort, see if there are some other new soldiers I’ll need to observe. Perhaps find someone capable of opening that mysterious door...”

Myra finished jotting notes down and left the library to head directly back to the fort. When no new soldiers could be found she went to the tailor’s to brush up on pattern techniques and make a new pair of sandals.

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Re: A Captive Audience

Post  TheeVals on Sun Dec 22, 2013 1:49 pm

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Re: A Captive Audience

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