Kain's Story.

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Kain's Story.

Post  DeathWarding on Thu May 19, 2011 10:35 am

Kain was raised in a standard elven village, he had three brothers whom were much older then him. His parent's were strict and very disciplined and they reinforced their kid's with such demeanor. Kain, however the youngest of them all, was not "normal" In the eyes of his parents, with obvious comparison to his siblings. Time briefly passed as his brother's trained in the foot steps of their parents, being ranger's of the forest that occupied the small village they lived in. Kain's parents were followers of the forest, and protected the nature around them. Kain's brother's were train to use scimitars, that was their fathers tradition to pass down the art of the scimitar. When it came time for Kain to train with his scimitar, he failed. over and over again. Kain's attitude grew darker, he began to rebel against his family. He knew he was the "odd one of the bunch", his parent's Patience grew thin until they concluded it would be best to send Kain in another path, they knew he was not capable of being the prodigal son. Kain was shipped on a boat to a small desolate island, upon arrival he had no sense of battle or to even defend himself. All he knew was his name and all the memories of betrayal and heart-ship and pain he had to endure from the abandonment and being backstabbed by the only people he knew as his family. This island didn't have much to offer, except a few old monks from the local temple and a few renegade monks, whom rebelled against the art of zen. A woman named Ash'landra, took Kain under her wing for years to come. He trained with local monk's, who used their fist's, so Kain was trained to use his fists for the art of war. More years had passed as he went through intense training. Kain found he wasn't agile as most monks, he was quick, but he had brute strength. From all of the hard labor he did for room and board it made him stronger, being a lumberjack and all. One day Ash'landra went to gather some herbal extracts for her alchemy, she didn't return. Day's past and Kain knew he was once again alone, he withdrew from his friendly emotions, and what you could say he permanently snapped. He wanted to get as far as he could from his root's so he took a ship as far as he could to the north of the previous island. Kain had found himself at a dock, in the city of ranzington, not knowing where he was or what to do, he stumbled across recruitment offer's for the fort of axfell. Long behold, Kain arrived in Axfelll.

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