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Post  Rann Cora on Thu Nov 14, 2013 8:21 pm

I got a new modem. However in the process of hooking it up (which any idiot can do but they still make you call in to the tech support... gah this is annoying), they tell me they can't see my modem, even though I still seem to have internet access. They think there is a problem with the line or the box now. However, as I said I still have internet access even though my ISP can't see my modem as being online. I have been using my laptop for several hours and I haven't had any connection problems. (Knock on wood.) I'm going to put the server back up here in a few and hope that it is better. Since they've screwed with me so much so far my ISP is rushing a tech out tomorrow to check the lines and the box. So if there are still problems when I put it back up shortly, they should be taken care of tomorrow. Here's hoping at least.

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