(OOC) General outline of my peak times/etc

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(OOC) General outline of my peak times/etc

Post  Faven aka Undying Knight on Fri Oct 25, 2013 8:48 am

Hey all.. so i'll just get right into it with my playing time and when I will be in game.. Keep in mind this does not mean 100% of the time I will be on at these times, these are just the more frequent times I would be available to run quests/events/etc, I will also be popping on just to assure things are running smoothly and what not..

Everything that happens I.C with each fort I will always place in each of their own sections(i.e Fort Axfell/Fort Cleaven). If it's just a casual conversation with an NPC I.C then I would obviously not post it to the forum if yas get my drift Smile 

Suggestions----I'm always open to suggestions for group quest ideas or anything you have on your mind. Since there is already a topic started under Request for DM interaction we could go ahead and just post in that thread..

Now for my peak times.....I'm on the East Coast, sadly, which means i'm on Eastern Standard Time, my work schedule for now is Thursday, Fri, Sat from 3pm-130am, so on those days i'm more limited to what I'm able to do when i'm online. Sunday-Wednesday I'm off work, however my fiance moved in with me recently and we do have two little ones, one is 5 years and the other is 6 months, so I WILL be on throughout the day Sun-Wed, though I cannot give an exact time to say what I will be doing then, if I jump on and there are 3-4+players(per faction)actively playing then I will surely do something.

My peak PEAK times are when the evening comes on the eastern time Sunday-Wednesday, I'd say anywhere from 8:30pm-Midnight I will be available to do a lot. Also, a lot of it will depend on you peeps as the players, if I log in and there are a bunch of people AFKing then obviously I won't stick around to do much, though if players are playing/etc then I have more of an opportunity to do such with them/etc..

I look forward to being the RPDM for you all, and I CHALLENGE everyone to bring out the Role play, lets see what you got!

Feel free to PM me on here, see you all in game.

Faven aka Undying Knight

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Re: (OOC) General outline of my peak times/etc

Post  _Shortstack_ on Fri Oct 25, 2013 3:24 pm

Awesome sauce. Thanks for what you do! Smile


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