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Post  Add9k on Mon Jun 10, 2013 4:05 am

So most recently there has been at least one player slandering me oocly. I doubt they will see this post yet I shall still write it to expose them for the type of player they have been so far. The purpose of this is to get the truth out there among all of the lies and rumors that they are inventing. Thought I’d like to offer consideration to the possibility that perhaps they simply might not remember or know how things have actually transpired -so they make up false twists on events to portray me as a “lame” person/player.
Even still, a bad memory is no excuse to continually spread false information through the form of gossip.

I’d of prefered if this hatred would have been kept in character, yet it has began and remained out of character for the most part. So here goes my rant with proof of certain players demonstrating hypocrisy, lying and being petulant over PVP.

First off here is just one example of the player slandering me and proof that they have lied, (or didn’t remember correctly).

The day he sent me a tell after cleaven had finished assaulting I did not resort to vulgarities, this is what was actually said;

And just so we’re clear that there is no misconception over me being upset or mad about the pvp... which I willingly participated in to the extent of orbing a few times to continue pvping, the reason I replied to him like that is because of the way he reacted one time after being killed by me.

I didn’t appreciate the way he reacted to the pvp, yes it is normalish (technically in an rp sense death means memory loss back of those servers where roleplay happened more often and was more strict but this server doesn’t have that kind of roleplay) that if your character gets attacked and killed no doubt they’ll feel vengeful towards the one that killed them. -thats not the issue here..
The issue here is he took it ooc, no longer is it a matter of Elve the character will remember an enemy of the army he is at war with killed him while he was in the enemy’s territory... it’s batteryburn bitter over getting kill while they’re gathering resources from a place which allows people to know someone might be in that area.

As for killing the bard, this is what he is referencing;

Notice the druid signal before the kill happened... and again just so there is no misconception that I was drastically higher level since I heard he claimed Abigail was 26. (Nice try to plant a seed that I was the first player on the server to effy kill -but it’s another lie/bad memory because...)

Fyi -the player who began the effy killing;

But doubt they’re concerned over effy killing unless it happens to them or fellow cleavens. I of course ambushed a few low lvl cleavens (mainly because abigail remembered Arto Send [lvl 20-21ish -not that it matters] in the company of another cleaven character -I think shasta or someone known as cleaven.) Since a monk is fast and ran off -killed the lower lvl shifter he left behind because it seemed reasonable to assume she must have been cleaven as well.
Again the pvp was meant with a negative reaction and again to any player who reacts badly to losing at pvp I’d rather they not contact me.

Sadly the conversation lasted long and the only way to stop them from arguing with me that they should be exempted from being attacked/killed/all-pvp was by logging out.
I’m sure if that player views this and bothers to reply to this topic it’ll no doubt be about the incident and how “I did it on purpose” and that it’s more important that I killed her character as an effy than a fellow cleaven having killed 4 axfell effys long before she ever made that character.

Yet I do admit I find this player’s blatantly transparent;

So I see they are not willing to oppose Thordin’s effy killing yet, they have in the very beginning back before Abigail was lvl 21, made a character with an ooc message in the description referencing how Abigail attacked Thordin on sight...

So much for sticking to their own battles, -figured they could have at least made a cleaven character with “If you hunt down and kill effortless players as a level 40 you are pathetic.” -for Thordin to read.

However I am a bit curious about this rumor because this is the first time using the account name Add9k. I did play on a low magic server called Revival as AncientDireDruid9000 (so now you know what it stands for...) figured for this server it could be to much of a hassle to type in, in the event I have multiple characters. And on that server the only players I had bad blood with were a few players who were metagamers who used exploits during pvp and got upset when I beat them in pvp.

But it’s probably just that, another lie this player is inventing out of boredom/ooc hatred because as far as I am concerned, despite the character description. I roleplayed once with that player’s axfell character (a few minutes after killing Elve in in fact) and we even had a conversation in tells which was civil/”friendly” where I told them how a plan to place a bounty on Darken wouldn’t work since most of cleaven’s highest lvled characters were focused on Abigail -which lead into talking about the ‘Unty’ group that couldn’t handle her wildling rp and how they weren’t too happy about her being axfell and that batterburn can be emotional when he gets beat sometimes usually due to a bruised ego. (I’ll spare a screenshot of this but if she wishes to deny any of it or its hard to believe I can always insert a snippet to prove I don’t lie and slander people.)

So I don’t know why she’d suddenly used me as an excuse for her switching side because from that conversation in tells I didn’t get any vibe of her thinking I had an “attitude”.
(See the screenshot above where she blames my attitude and darken for switching sides to be with her friends... Couldn’t she just say she rather play the side her friends are on? A lot less dramatic and bitter.)

Yet as for the whole.. “Attack other players first and then complain when they come back and get them later” okay... well Thordin did manage to ambush Abigail and finally get his revenge for the two spell resisted attempts of hold monster I casted at him in Ranzingting farmlands...
And this is how I complained about it;

I guess I was wrong... and should have instead said something like... “Oh wow, great job being such a pro with the kd-spam I don’t wanna hear you crying when I kill you with a deathspell.”
Sort of return the favor of how poorly a few cleavens have already reacted to my attacking them (even without them losing any xp from dieing...) and actually killing them.
No, I would never discourage another player from pvping because it ruins the purpose and fun of this server’s aspect. Only an entitled self centered inconsiderate person would ridicule a player for playing the game how it is meant to be played.
i,e. Two armies at war, soldiers are bound to die. It’s dishonourable and lame that sometimes players disregard lvls and prey on easier targets
-I’m not that type of player...
Currently I am becoming the type of player that has gotten sick and tired of pvp outside defending from assaults.
Because at least any kills I get during an assault.. these same cleavens do not rage about losing -Even that one time I killed Thordin twice in a row because his ally raised him during pvp. I felt a bit bad about it but they probably didn’t expect me to charge out at them to disrupt their regrouping.
Yet, if this player who is lying and slandering me... will spreading the misconception that I am a sore loser... about dieing several times during defending that does is discourage me further from participating in pvp at all because it makes no sense for a player to actively participate in pvp, knowing full well that there is a possibility of winning.. and of losing... and if they couldn’t handle the losing (or was tired of pvp, or low on extra xp)- they wouldn’t orb to get back out there and continue pvping.

At this point, really my reaction to all the players who have reacted poorly to being killed by me (which it seems under similar circumstances they are neutral towards another character killing them.) Is best summed up by what one of these players stated;

Simply because legit pvp (legit meaning; no pvp logging, no trans hopping, no exploits of any kind) is an inconvenience to the plans of a player’s preference to pve or gather resources for crafting does not give ANY player the right to try and tell any other player that they are wrong for trying to kill them or actually killing them.

Now... I think I finally figure out the REAL reason behind why this whole hatred has started. It’s not because of the attacking on sight... why?
Because I’m under the impression that both Thordin/Thrar have been attacked on sight by another player and they’re reaction wasn’t petulant/annoyed/bitter, yet since this player lies who knows if these claims are true or not;

No doubt his constant mention of offering players a rez after death might be some indication of a grudge about what happened the first time Thordin and Elve came across Abigail in Iron Hold
-I got away from their ambush only to return later to continue my pging to discover their corpses -dead from pve, I’m not the one who killed them.
The 2nd time Thordin found abigail in iron hold (Picture above where I told him gg while in the fugue) I didn’t expect him to offer to raise me, which he didn’t, despite the fact that I didn’t kill them when he asked for a raise and I had no means to do so.

And of course me remaining dead for only a little while, yet still managing to recover and progress seemed to leave him unsatisfied by this revenge... (I blacked out tells with another player to avoid confusion.)

I digress... My guess is the real reason (if there even is one...) this hatred started was because Thordin didn’t manage to kill me for trying to hold him twice.
And a cleaven died in the process of him/them trying to hunt me down (Which that cleaven didn’t rage from their pvp death and he has remained civil towards me).

Y’see the real way the event all happened was;
Abigail left ranzington and saw Thordin on farmlands road heading towards ranzington. I casted a spell of hold monster at Thordin before he got closer, he resisted the spell and used see invis. He started to attack and I started to retreat, I used a wand of hold monster on him while retreating -he resisted the spell again. I trans into the forest and ran to the next area towards axfell. After trans to the next area I summoned a shadow which began to attack thordin as soon as he trans also. Once thordin got down to injured he trans back to the other area and I followed him through the trans. As he ran back towards ranz, I headed north instead of pursuing and waited in raut fort for a while (not inside where the mobs were by nearby the corner of the map.). In a little while the Druid signal sounded and I bumped into Thordin and Samwise (which was the char’s name at the time) in the forest near the trans to the next area (which has the druid signal in it) I had a summon out and ran past them both, while Thordin chased me and samwise aggrod my summon.
It was only until I reached fort that Sam sent me a tell and I reviewed my combat logs to see that I killed him (my summon did the killing -I was retreat mode).

Now for them to hate me for sam’s death sends only one message... ‘You shouldn’t win during pvp, you should lose for our entertainment to enjoy this game”.
and while it’s normal to want to win, to get upset or angry that another player wins is not the best of attitudes to have. And it’s hard to sound convincing of not singling players out if you are ‘selective’ in who you are alright with winning and who you are not alright with winning.
And thats not the best of attitudes to have towards pvp.


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Re: Goonities!

Post  Darken Rahl on Mon Jun 10, 2013 5:11 am

I can't believe I actually read the whole thing. Shocked

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Re: Goonities!

Post  Rann Cora on Mon Jun 10, 2013 9:40 am

A few notes.

1) Effy killing is not illegal. It is frowned upon, it is poor sportsmanship, it is lame. But, I assure you, if I personally had time to play Timothy and get him leveled up, if I were out adventuring and I happened upon an enemy effortless group, I'd likely give them a warning to enter the prison or die, or I might just kill them. Depends. What I DO NOT WANT TO SEE, is the opposing faction camping out in the plains/rustin mountain looking for low levels to kill. THAT is the kinda thing where if I was on as a DM and saw it, I'd spawn a bunch of stuff there that would kill you. Let me also just tell you in the previous version when I started playing Rann, I got ganked by an Imp sneaker who will remain nameless. I was furious, and when he politely offered to res me, my anger got the better of me and I snapped at him. Did I continue to verbally assault this player or slander him to others after the incident? NO, I did not. Which brings me to my next point..

2) Verbal abuse and/or slandering other players behind their backs will NOT be tolerated. The latter however, is a very difficult thing to prove. But, in the event that it does happen, offending players CD key(s) will be temp banned for 3 days, then 1 week, then their characters will be deleted, and then they will be perma banned on the 4th offense. Again, I'm a fair person, people do get hotheaded and let things get to them, so the first offense isn't going to be something super drastic, but it will scale up if you don't get the message in your thick skull.

3) I honestly didn't read every last word of the original post, but I did read all the screenies. In this instance, I will talk to the offending players in game and they will get a warning since I didn't have any official rule in place. They don't frequent the forums, so they will be given an opportunity to defend themselves before I have a knee jerk reaction. I also have further plans in place regarding issues such as these, but they will be kept private for the moment.

4) So to be straight, it seems that the offenders are the player behind Thordin and batteryburn, and they seem to be kinda ganging up on add9k. More so I know who to talk to when I have a chance to be online. I'm at work right now, and it's still quite early in the day so it will be awhile.

5) MOST IMPORTANTLY: This is the kind of BS that makes a DM/Host go crazy and want to not do it anymore. Also the kind of BS that drives great players away. This message goes to EVERYONE and not anyone necessarily involved in this situation. WE ARE NOT IN KINDERGARTEN, WE ARE (MOSTLY) ADULTS, GROW UP. Immature behavior such as described above is something I don't have time to deal with, and even if I did have time, I still wouldn't want to. So stop dissing people to their face in tells and behind their backs to other players. It's rude, it's inconsiderate, it's immature, and I will SMITE you with my mighty server admin powers. This is a game, a HEAVILY community driven game. If most of the people I like to play with didn't play it anymore, I sure as hell wouldn't be doing this. I've got a ton of other games I could be playing. (State of Decay for you Xbox 360 owners, is AMAZING. Totally worth the $20 it costs.) So in conclusion, if you don't like someone, DON'T SEND THEM TELLS, AND DON'T TALK CRAP ABOUT THEM TO NEW PLAYERS. If I have a message I want new players to see, I'll make a sign and put it in the dream. I may not be a genius with scripting and the toolset, but I can manage that for sure. In fact, before you say something to someone, why not think to yourself, "Would I want an angry DM Rann posting this in the dream about me?" Because I promise you, I'll do it. I'm not afraid to piss people off like a lot of DMs and hosts. This is MY server right now, MY show that I am running, and if you don't like the way this ship is captained, you can start walking the plank.

Rann Cora

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Re: Goonities!

Post  sniqow on Mon Jun 10, 2013 12:10 pm

I've been trolled by plenty of people, I've trolled plenty of people myself, in the end its a waste of energy.

A small snippet of advice however you may take it, for the OP.

It would be better for you if you did not act defensively. Even if you are in the right, even if there is slander.

Try this, when someone acts in a way; If you see a line you've typed, look at it again, and as hard as it is to stomach, put yourself in that persons shoes, reading the response, how would you respond? How do you think they would respond. It's so much easier to just say nothing, yet you waste so much energy on people who you don't even like.

Ignore them, let them talk amongst themselves, anyone who knows you will understand, and if they don't give you the chance because of it, you're better off without the company of people like that anyway.

People need to stop trolling each other, also being such drama queens about it.


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Re: Goonities!

Post  -Rabidus- on Mon Jun 10, 2013 12:57 pm

Okay that was about 5 minutes i wont get back... but after reading it i see the thing all in all lame, kinda sucks that Abigail was singled out for whatever reason it was, but then to go and slander someones name to new players? that is taking things way to far, you should keep ic grudges.. ic.. treat people ooc how you expect to be, For instance Sammy was ported up on the wall during an assault last night, due to a bug normally he'd have died and had to wait until the assault progressed or the server reset, but i let him out, because he got ported on a cliff, and a bug stooping from playing his character and having fun was kind of sucky (even if the odds at the time were like 6-2). People play games for fun, people have different ways, getting max level.. crafting.. PvE... PvP or even just the role play, everyone has their different likes and dislikes. At no point should someone feel the need to start making someones time on the server a misery due to ooc actions, to current players and even more to new players, over something as stupid as a low level PvP death (as i agree that's what it looks like it escalated from) with that being said i don't know whats the worst part.. the claiming to 'hunt' them.. the slandering.. or the fact someone admitted to corpse camping for 3 hours.

It's got to a point now where it's beyond stupid, lines should be drawn, hands should be shuck and the game should just be played, how can we attract new players to enjoy the server when there is already such a hostile ooc environment, and then people dragging new players into it by slandering people. We should all just play nice, leave ic to ic and ooc to ooc... What happens in vegas stays in vegas!

Also! touche for posting the SS and clearing everything up, it made me laugh tbh.. like alot.. kinda like a kid eating chocolate trying to deny it with it all around it's mouth like "NO WAY I DIDN'T DO IT!" but still, the chocolate is there!



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Re: Goonities!

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