Illegal Underdark Items

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Illegal Underdark Items

Post  TheMothMan on Sat Mar 23, 2013 5:32 am

Information that may concerne all of you!

Due to the Work-in-Progress Underdark areas not being isolated properly from the rest of the MOD by its creator, several Cleaven Unty players (maybe others aswell) have bugged their way into the modual constrution site and there gotten hold of items that were never suited to be in this MOD.

These items have been in players possession for some time now and due to some miscommunication between us the Staff, have not been addressed yet - even if this was first noitced at the beginning of February.

I am working on installing scripts that will remove these items.
However the Underdark shop contained items that were in the high tier-loot aswell, so should you lose an item at login that you really found in the loot , be sure to contact a DM and make your claim to get your honestly earned item back! Be sure to screenshot the log if you lose an item you shouldn't have lost.
If you are an Unty player, you need not bother, since we know you are amongst the ones that exploited this bug.

Please note that any item you lose at login due to this, will not be returned to you for some time to come. This all needs to be sorted out before items can be returned to their real owners.
Also note that this will
not affect the majority of characters on this server.

Still, I apologize for the inconvenience and I hope that you all see me sharing this nugget of information with you all as proof of how sincere we are about keeping this server fair and free from exploits.


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