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Post  Rann Cora on Tue Mar 19, 2013 8:08 pm

[Rann sits alone in his Praetor quarters, quill in hand, finishing up a document late in the evening. He finishes and sits back in his chair and admires his work.]

"That'll have to do."

[The next morning, after Rann wakes up and has a nice breakfast at the inn, he approaches Daler, document in hand to ask for his approval. Daler (//making an assumtion//) nods his head in approval and Rann whistles loudly to grab the attention of everyone in the immediate vicinity. He watches patiently as a small crowd gathers. Rann climbs up onto a bench beside the fire to see out over the crowd, and after it seems no one else is straggling in he motions for the crowd to quiet down and pulls out the document.]

"Ladies and gentlemen of Cleaven... you may not have heard much from the office of the Praetor since I was elected. I apologize for the delay, but there was a lot of background work and plans that had to be laid before any public announcements. BUT, the time for announcements and celebrations has finally arrived! Here in my hand, I hold the official document naming and binding my first two council members."

[The crowd murmurs as Rann unrolls the parchment and begins to read.]

"I, Rann Cora, Praetor of Cleaven, hereby name Than Druin Battlemaster of Cleaven and Nather Leonars Archmage of Cleaven. They hereby agree to act in my stead should I not be available, and are to be Cleaven's foremost experts on melee fighting and matters of the arcane, respectively. Than and Nather will uphold and defend Cleaven against ALL threats, Axefell or otherwise, and commit themselves to winning the war against Axefell and bringing peace to the land of Anphillia."

[Rann pulls out his Praetor stamp and stamps the bottom of the document beside where he has signed his name. He motions towards Marcus Fyne.]

"Marcus, please make sure copies of this are posted around the fort and that everyone knows about the appointment of Than and Nather, and treats them as such. Captain Daler, please give them the keys next time you see them. Thank you everyone, now, how about a drink before we get back to work? I'll see anyone who wishes to join me at the inn."

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Post  Professor Plum on Wed Mar 20, 2013 7:58 am

// I'll get on this ASAP. Congrats Nather & Than!
Professor Plum
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