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Together Alone

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Willow sat on her favorit chair while a candle burned on the stand next to her. She looked around the room at the vacent doorless wooden walls. She thought a moment about how a fireplace would look in front of her. After a nod she smiled as it materialized in front of her. She stood and made her fingers into a square, a picture of the grand forest appeared and resized it's self to fit the mesurments. She sat back down and closed her eye's for a moment, enjoying the peace and solitude, before a familiar cold jabbing was felt on her chest. She opened her eye's, and looked to at the semi-setup room. She sighed heavaly, then the room seemed to haze out into a blackness around her.

Gravity took over as she started to slowly decend into a thin tube, she looked out through two holes to see Ictus poking and looking behind himself. After a moment, she sighed and pressed her face up to the small holes as the tube seemed to close in around her, and she found herself snugly fit into the pale elven body again. After the warmpth of her mind the chilling air of Anphilia was once again drilling into her. The fire had gone out long ago apparently, and snow had blown into the training grounds again. Furrion was bussy with a broom sweeping it out again, the strange bear man was allways helpfull like that.

"What is it Ictus?" She asked the Mephit, he jumped off her chest and landed on the floor, crawling around like some sort of monster movie ghoul. "Mistress, Vango says that you meet new humans, is this true?"

Willow looked to the vampire standing next to her. He just grined to her, raising and lowering his brows. He knew what the first thing Ictus was going to ask would be, just as she knew it. The vampire made an exilent guard, but his crude humor and irritating nature made her wonder why she revived him. Pages from her memory core started to unfirl and display weaknesses and irritations for vampires in general on the right side of her vision, the same was on the left, but more related to Vango then vampires in a whole. An underline appeared by a passage she new would fit, she'd pull his fangs from his mouth for this, and force him to starve while new ones grew in, but this would have to wait for another time.

"Yes, Ictus, I met some new people." She said turning to him and hoping for the best. "Oooh, and the black elf?" the mephit asked, "you meet them at the same time?" He started to pack snowballs made from the frost his hands and feet left and set them into a pile.

Willow tilted her head from side to side. "Yes, the black sk-" she was cut off by Ictus as he jumped onto her and stared her in the face, his claws just loose enough to not puncture her coat, but griping firmly, not bothering to fly. He stared at wide eye's for a long moment, then let go, falling to the floor and continuing making snowballs. "Yes, the black skinned elf was met at the same time. Why?" He shruged as he squared out the pile like cannon ammo, then started a new one. "I just remember, you said they where the only living things you seen for a long time.

Willow looked up for a moment, her cores started to display the islands again, the city as it burned, and the various undead ravenging it. Internaly she heard there screeming and crys for help as skeletons and zombies cut down and beat the black elves to death on the mud streets. She looked left to the Demi lich as he floated next to her and watched. His booming voice was not heard like most people, but echo'd in her mind, the telepathic bond he used assured that he was speaking to her. "This is what happens, when you defie me. Your god is vengefull, and mercieless when you cross him." The lich turned to her, "But as I am wrathfull, I am generous. Serve your god faithfully, and all you desire will be yours."

She blinked at the memory was sent back into the core. Leaving her to look at the two skeletons standing guard next to her. She looked back to Ictus. "Yes, they where the first and last for most of my life." The mephit had somebow created ten piles, the cores displayed with the style they where stacked they would total to five hunderade and fifty. "What is the question?"

Ictus stuffed his wings under two piles and lifted them up. "Oh, I just wondered." He picked up two snowballs and stared at the two skeletons, tossing and catching one with a smirk. "You know what happens if Cadaver and Decomposition think your threatening them or me right?" The mephit packed a snowball hard then coated it in ice. "I'm not telling them to leave you alone if you do that..." Ictus winded up in a classic baseball pitch stance.

The floating skull of the demi lich appeared once agian staring hard and menicingly at her, "Travil these lands and find what you need Willow, the magic that surounds the island is strong, and the people there are mighty warriors. Learn from them."

Willow pulled back from the holes once again, as she started to raise back into her mind she heard a loud crack and the screems of the skeletons as they started to chase down there prey.

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