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Post  Rann Cora on Sat Feb 16, 2013 8:43 pm

Decided why the hell not on taking shades... who needs to be able to CAST Energy Buffer anyway? Summon Shadow at 25 caster levels does absolutely nothing.

Rann Cora

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Shades: Summon Shadow Empty Re: Shades: Summon Shadow

Post  TheMothMan on Sun Feb 17, 2013 5:04 am

Were you in a No PvP area at the time?
I added a check to that spell to not work in No PvP areas.
For the love of me, I can't remember why I did that, but it's there and I assume I added that for a reason... Smile


EDIT: So it turns out these Summons don't have Summon scripts attached to them.
I suppose they were never meant to be used as regular Summons and maybe that's why I added a No PvP areas-check.
Eitherway, they are pointless now and I will fix them to behave as normal Summons.

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