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Official Notice: Council Empty Official Notice: Council

Post  Professor Plum on Thu Feb 07, 2013 5:18 pm

The captain's aide can be seen visiting the barracks and all the outposts of Cleaven carrying with him an official scroll bearing Daler's seal.

He recites, in each of these places, a few words in an exceptionally loud, formal manner.

Soldiers of Cleaven, with our numbers increasing Captain Daler has commanded that all those with intent to lead the council, the council written about in the legends of old, report their intention to him at once, so a ballot may be taken.

The council leader will report directly to Daler, organise and upkeep the militia.

You have one week, to declare intent. After such time, there will be a week in which voting will take place.

Other council appointments will be dealt with solely through the council's leader and as such will happen after this event.

May the Triad watch over you.

// One week from today entrys will be stopped. PM me if you're interested.
Voting will commence for another week, following this - another notice will be issued to ensure people know of all entrants.
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