Notice of Conscription.

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Notice of Conscription.

Post  -terenee- on Mon Jan 28, 2013 11:10 pm

*This parchment carries the seal of the highest office of Axfell*
Hail Axfell brethern,

I have received word from the Captain that we are critically short on experienced soldiers for positions of fort defense. As you have all felt as of late, the war is boiling.. We have waited for this for a long time and now have our chance to prove our true devotion to the Lord of Destruction!
I ask now that you bring forth any willing, loyal and experienced kindred to our fort to remain in steadfast defense of our Relic!

I have sent summons for my own half-brother, Irylös Isendel to serve as Axfell's First Archer and hope to hear a reply soon. I suggest you send your own word to a trusted friend or family member of which you are absolutely certain of devotion and loyalty to our cause.

It is with our own blood we win this war.

*signed elaborately in a deep red ink that could be blood, Ivelliös Isendel, Magistrate of Axfell*

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Re: Notice of Conscription.

Post  Linee353 on Wed Feb 06, 2013 3:35 pm

*A weathered parchment is posted next to the notice and bears the Warden's seal*

It would be an honor to me and to our fort to retrieve the relic with you. I will be on duty this fort night and again in three days time. Although I have been absent as of late, my loyalties are still dedicated to beloved Axfell.

*signed Lyna Alaymia, Warden of Axfell*

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