Gear and Leveling and You.

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Gear and Leveling and You.

Post  Rann Cora on Fri Jan 25, 2013 9:05 am

I've had this "problem" before and it has arisen again. It's not THAT much of an issue, but it's something that might need to be looked into. I've just dinged level 20, and my gear is awful. I've seen every reasonable shop I can see on my own, and looted things constantly, and I might have one or two acceptable pieces, but for the most part, it's awful. It's making going out and killing things that are a good challenge rating sort of obnoxiously difficult if I'm soloing. Since I'm a "new" player and have no level 40 to run and get Daron's gear or to go clear Hope or whatever, I have to rely on myself and the goodwill of others. A lot of players are a little shy or nervous about asking for help in these situations, and I could see them getting frustrated and quitting. The loot tables are GREAT for low level players and high level players, and the shops are GREAT for higher levels... but that middle range seems to be lacking. Getting over that hump where your character has outleveled your gear around epic level is a real pain in the rear. I'm thinking another shop with some better mid-level gear or adding some more mid-level gear to the loot tables or perhaps even increasing the frequency of some of the current mid-level gear might be in order.



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Re: Gear and Leveling and You.

Post  Professor Plum on Sat Jan 26, 2013 4:29 am

Head to Lamirs!
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