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Post  Professor Plum on Fri Jan 11, 2013 12:57 pm

This is common sense to most people, though it's nice to have a reference.

If someone is not abiding by these, you are perfectly within your right to ignore them.

Do not roleplay things beyond your mechanical control.

E.G. Do not emulate NPC or other PC interaction (Without permission). You speak for your character, your minions, no one else.
E.G. Even though you may be a wizard, you can't scry - at least not without a DM present to oversee such things. Make up a reason you can't say, scry an enemy. Sending the person a tell, saying you've scried them is not a guarantee for cooperation. That said, if someone is on board with everything, go right ahead and both expect hearty rewards for excellent roleplay!

Do not God Emote

E.G. *Reaches up and stabs <name> several times in the face with magic daggers, causing him to explode into a zillion pieces* is not acceptable.
Provided both players agree to common rules beforehand and make rolls (Ability/Skills/AB etc.) then that's great. However the key word in any of these situations would imply an attempt.

<*Reaches up and ATTEMPTS to stab <name? several times in the face*>
*AB+D20 Roll*
<*Attempts to dodge the attack*>

Of course, no one is forced to participate in such a rolling contest.
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