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Brought to you from their home in the Dalelands and Moonsea.. You, citizens of Anphillia, now have the oppurtunity to benefit from the finest crafts and treasure at the most reasonable of prices and secured by the legendary Merchantry of Isendel!! I advise you to make your way to the nearest vendor locale and seize upon the greatest deals on Anphillia EVER! We are practically giving it away. Low Profit BLOWOUT!

For the budding warrior we offer:
*by commision

Mithral Fullplate- 250,000gp
Mithral Halfplate- 225,000gp
Mithral Tower shield- 75,000gp
Mithral Large Shield- 65,000gp
Fullplate- 175,000gp
Helmets- 50,000gp
Shields- 40,000gp

Mithral Small- 155,000gp
Mithral Medium- 170,000gp
Mithral Large- 185,000gp

Small- 125,000gp
Medium- 135,000gp
Large- 145,000gp

Epic Crafted Weapons
Flamebiter- 1,800,000gp
Black Legion- 1,200,000gp

For those that enjoy fine jewelry we offer the most unique, exceptionally ideal cut gems bound in the purest precious metals.

Mithral Sapphire (+5 wis)- 125,000gp
Mithral Ruby (+5 con)- 140,000gp
Various Emerald (+4 dex)- 125,000gp
Various Black Sapphire (+4 dex)- 125,000gp

Syenite Black Sapphire - 80,000gp
(+1 Nat AC, +4 Dex, Electirc Resist 15/-, +1 Cold and Positive)
Rubicite Fire Opal - 80,000gp
(+1 Nat AC, +4 Cha Resist Fire 10/-, +2 Fire and Fortitude)

For the studious soldier and wizards we offer Wands and Scrolls

Greater Stoneskin-22,000gp
Mind Blank- 43,000gp
Premonition- 43,000gp
Protection from Spells- 45,000gp
Shadow Shield- 45,000gp
Greater Spell Mantle- 55,000gp
Mordenkainen's Disjunction- 55,000gp

Haste- 9,000gp
Identify- 2,500gp
Flame Weapon- 2,500gp
Improved Invisibility- 7,000gp
Mage Armor- 1,500gp
Keen Edge- 5,000gp
Stoneskin- 7,000gp
Elemental Shield- 11,500gp

Haste- 9,000gp
Clarity- 7,500gp
Darkfire- 2,500gp
Death Ward- 7,500gp
Protection from Elements- 7,500gp
Restoration- 10,000gp

And of course, for the aspiring craftsmen we offer an exemplary line of gold etched tools:

Pickaxes- 9k
Smithing Hammer- 4k
Skinning Knife- 4k

Wait! We're not done yet!

We also have a various assortment of epic weapons and unique items available for viewing upon request
Including but not limited to;

Tycho's Transquility- 15,000gp
Time of Reckoning- 200,000gp
Dicer- 40,000gp
Epic Death Shroud Axe- 175,000gp
Libri Est Valetudo- 12,000gp

**Prices and participatation may vary at retailer discretion. Prices subject to change without prior notification. Isendel Merchantry Corp reserves the right to charge the legal limit interest rate (385%) per day for any loan or missed charges incurred. Buyers agree to Isendel Corp Proprietary Privacy and Property Policy and are subject to full punishment if found to be in violation.

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