New Axfell recruit

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New Axfell recruit

Post  Bulkas on Sat Dec 22, 2012 6:28 am

Hi there, new Axfell recruit here reporting for duty.

In general pretty tough being new here, so much is different and the exact changes are not well documented.

I am playing a pale master and having much fun with all the customized and changed stuff compared to vanilla nwn. I was just wondering what the advantages, besides the moth dc bonus, are for going pure pm instead of taking only 28 or 29 levels?

I do not have loads of time to play and am not leveling quickly, so would like to know what i am signing up for going pure pm. Or are there possibilities to relevel toons if i make mistakes or change my mind?

Thanks and good job on this mod, devs!



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Re: New Axfell recruit

Post  TheeVals on Sat Dec 22, 2012 12:50 pm

This information should still apply;

Unless there was an update which modified anything related;

As for saving time while investing to get to lvl 40;

Also there is a way to retake your last level while in the barracks with a command... type /help in game for a book. It should tell you how.

If you find lvling to be slow or just not sure where to go, might benefit from looking over this post;

Sorry that i didn't give you direct answers and instead sending you on a research mission... But it won't hurt to read up a bit while playing here.

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