Relevels or a Rebuild?

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Relevels or a Rebuild?

Post  Felix on Tue Sep 04, 2012 3:52 pm

1. Single Level
You can always relevel your last level for free by being in the barracks and typing "/relevel" in the talk channel.

2. Multi Levels
If you need more than one level you will have to have a DM help you. This will cost 20% of the xp you needed to lose.

3. Complete Rebuild
Once you reach level 40 your character may have one rebuild and only one. This will allow you to remake your character from scratch. Your character must have the same name and must be the same character they were before hand for all RP purposes. This also incurs the normal 20% experience loss so you will need to have accumulated 936,000 xp to remain level 40. Also note that you cannot build a completely different character as far as classes are concerned. The core concept of the characters classes should remain with slight wiggle room.

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