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Post  Fuzzey on Fri Aug 31, 2012 12:58 am

*Headline says; "To Captain Daler and the foot soldiers of Cleaven*

I belive we are in need of some leadership amongst the foot soldiers of Cleaven, Captain Daler is doing an exellent job here at the fort, but he has to stay behind and the defend our territory. There for I suggest that there will be named a few sergeants and a lieutenant, that can call the shots out in the battle field. I've been told that there is a council, but that they have either taken leave or is abcent alot these days.

Another topic is that I'd like to see a list posted of the current "council" or "leaders amongst the foot soldiers of Cleaven, that way new recruits and more seasoned soldiers know who to ask for directions or tactical advice.

I will leave some open space here for replys from Daler and my fellow soldiers if they have any input or wants to perhaps notify the rest that they will volunteer as a "leader/council member".

I Vilmand, volunteer as a "leader/council member" to strengthen the ranks of our foot soldiers. 'Why do you consider yourself as a suitable leader?' I'm an experienced archer, very skilled with my bow, eyes and ears. I've been studying for tactical approaches to take down the Axfells for a long time, my position in the battle field makes it easy to call out commands and to make quick decisions in the battle field.

Vilmand J'rent


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Post  TheeVals on Fri Sep 07, 2012 4:11 am

To Vilmand J’rent (and soldiers of cleaven),

I do not believe we’ve ever met... however allow this note to inform you (and everyone else) that your source is mistaken.
There currently is no council and there hasn’t been a council since back in the days right after the execution of the unsuccessful rebel soldier ‘Bela'dra Gend’. I believe it was my 3rd visit back to the island that I informed soldiers of no council existing. I’ve no better way of referencing this time frame... trust me that it’s been a long time in which cleaven has been without a council.

It is refreshing to see that someone is finally taking steps towards providing Cleaven with much needed structure. I will even go as far as to praise the approach you’ve used; civil and diplomatic. The dedication and intent you express towards improving Cleaven and progressing in this war has renewed my faith in the capability of Cleaven’s newest generation of recruits and soldiers.

I wish you, Vilmand (and any competent competitors), the best of luck in obtaining victory both on the battlefield and off.

Former Second in Command,
Myra Druin

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