Recovered Relic

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Recovered Relic

Post  Linee353 on Sat Jun 30, 2012 8:59 pm

**A parchment is posted to the barracks and bears the official seal of the Warden**

Thank you to all of the soldiers who helped to defend Axfell today -- Desmond, Kro, Denari, and a brave, young archer, who, in the heat of battle, I did not get a chance to formally meet. Your persistence and courage to recover the relic of Talos are most commendable. Although the consequences were severe for each of us, I am pleased to inform that the two enemy Cleaven's several attempts to steal the relic went unsuccessful. The Temple priest and I were able to fend them off one final time before they made their retreat.

I am sure they will return, in due time. Perhaps we should gather a large group and take the fight to their gates. In the meantime, keep training and building your strength.

*signed* Lyna Alaymia, Warden of Axfell

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