server XP changes

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server XP changes

Post  Felix on Thu Jun 21, 2012 1:22 am

So we are thinking of halving death xp loss, raising minimum xp gain from 2 to 7 and making the penalty for being in the same party and 7 levels out of range to 15. That is, you would get no xp penalty as long as your party is all within 15 levels of each other. I think with this change we should lower over all xp gain just a little or at least lower the max xp from a none boss monster a little. I have seen mobs give as high as 200 xp each which is incredibly high and can lead to certain people shooting up in level very quickly as I have recently seen.

The intent here is to help those who struggle to get levels due to many deaths by making steady gains much easier while slowing down those who dont die as often and level very quickly.

What do you guys think about these changes? Which do you like or what would you suggest?

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Re: server XP changes

Post  TheMothMan on Thu Jun 21, 2012 2:37 am

I voted Other, because I think it's too easy for some and too hard for others.
But the reason for that is not due to XP Reward, but rather due to the fact that some Classes and builds have an easier time Levelling up.
And this is not something we can easily fix.

Another factor to this is knowledge and experience about the MOD.
The players experience about where to "farm" and not, which leads their characters to level up quicker. This isn't something "bad" as far as I'm concerned. Futhermore it's information easily passed on to the newer generations of players with the help of some RP or whatever.

I like the idea of increasing the minimum XP gain from killing NPC's, it seems reasonable due the current XP gain is roughly seven times higher in this MOD than in the original MOD where the minimum gain of 2 XP was first inplemented.

I also like the idea of XP loss on death being cut in half, since it helps casual players a lot and it doesn't make levelling that much faster for the more hardcore gamers - since they tend to die much less.

I don't know about increasing the Level Difference before the XP reduction kicks in.
Sure, we want players to form parties of all classes and level ranges, but it could lead to some unwanted results and possibly even some exploits.
I could be overanalyzing, but I think there's incentive enough for lower level player(s) to join parties of higher level player(s).

On the otherhand, it's kinda lame that having one high level character join a party "ruins" the XP gain for the rest of the group.
Maybe a totally new system for handling this should be created.

Either way I think we should start with just these two things;
  • Raised the Minimum XP gain from killing NPC's to 7 from 2 .

  • Make all XP losses half of what they are now.

I think it's important that the gaming experience doesn't come to a stop and you get totally demoralized if you should happened to die.
At the same time I feel it's curcial that death is feared. Making death something really unwanted and, to some degree, annoying just makes for better gameplay and players making more sensible choices for their characters.

I think these two changes are just enough to help out the more casual players while keeping the more hardcore players satisfied with the challanges.

That's my two cents.


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Re: server XP changes

Post  Professor Plum on Fri Jun 22, 2012 1:00 am

The majority of players find it hard to gain XP; I don't particularly feel that way myself but it is the way to move to increase pop.

I like the idea of raising the range to 15, though I'd say make it 38! It'd give a reason for people high up to stick around and create fantastic training-style RP, plus with the current low pop it's difficult to find someone in range.

I'd leave the minimum xp where it is, but perhaps give bonus XP - regardless of level, to those in a group. E.G. An extra 5 / ally nearby (To say, a max of 25). Thus encouraging groups. The xp would only be given if the monster is in range of the highest level of the group. (E.G. A group with 4* level 5 PC's and a single 40, would all be given 25 bonus xp a kill, so long as the creature was CR35 or higher.)
Professor Plum

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Re: server XP changes

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