An Ode to...

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An Ode to...

Post  Linee353 on Wed Nov 16, 2011 9:02 pm

**Warden Lyna Alaymia sits at the vacant table in the Embassy. She pulls a parchment and begins to scribe today's date. She looks around within her chambers, the only natural habitat within Axfell that is not covered in snow. Loneliness and sorrow invade her spirit. Darkened spots show in certain places as if stained by tears**

I know not what to write...My heart carries only sorrow and no song... Axfell has never been more desolate... deserted.. My inspiration has faded. Is there no one for whom I can sing anymore? A thought of returning to the Dalelands has come to mind. And yet, who will watch over Axfell? So many glorious victories with strong, capable companions... how I loved to sing for them and fight alongside... without them, I serve no purpose... I exist to uplift and help my fellow soldiers...

**Lyna slides the parchment forward and sits back in her chair. Her eyes gently close as soft tears stroll down her cheeks.**

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