"Bibli Baru's Guide to Axfell"

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"Bibli Baru's Guide to Axfell"

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Written by: Archmage Bibli Baru the Magnificent.
Distributed by: Archmage Bibli Baru the Magnificent.
Illustrations by: Archmage Bibli Baru the Magnificent.

You can request a copy of my book by seeing me in person. -Signed- Archmage Bibli Baru the Magnificent.

My name is Bibli Baru, a magnificent mage and soldier of the Axfellian army. I pride myself in my arcane arts in which I support our cause. My talents are specifically noted around my necromantic and evocative education in the arts of sorcery. Though coming to learn about my hidden talents was difficult on my own, I studied with other mages and practiced on my own. I have sought out help of the other mages around the fort as well. Balaam Talistris is one who I am overjoyed to have assist me in training, as we both learn a thing or two from one another. I am also a very talented jeweler and have focused on the trade skill as well as a decent weapon smith. This book will cover some of my adventures from when I first started out to my current and future adventures and accomplishments.
Chapter 1:
I, Bibli Baru, a simple mage took up the Axfellian cause in hopes to transpire into a powerful mage. When starting out I was all about finding new treasures and filling my empty coffers with coins from what I could rummage out of the goblin caves and the shrine nearby Axfell. The goblin chieftan, whom I have and always will despise, takes his fair share from the fort daily. It is our job as soldiers to take back from the goblins what they steal and dwell their numbers so they do not become overly powerful. The goblins are a large nuisance around the fort, but along with them are the bandits hidden in the shrine who use the goblins as a defensive wall for their sanctuary. Of course around the fort there are also natural creatures such as the bear, badgers, deer, and wolves who roam around aimlessly. These creatures are not to be taken lightly, they still poise a threat to random individuals and thus need to be kept in check as well. They are also empowered by Grim, a large bear who seeks sanctuary at the DeerHead Mound. Many animals go there for safety. Most people know that you can find Copper ore, Tin ore, and Amethyst gems in the goblins cave. You can also retrieve Malachite gems from the shrine overlooked by the bandits. The malachite is no doubt how they trade with the goblins for protection and their stolen goods.
Chapter 2:
Around the fort there is a creek, which you have to go through if you wish to head to DeerHead Mound. The creek consists of goblins riding worgs who collaborate with the kobolds making them a bit more of a nuisance. The goblins have shamans, who can cast annoying spells to hinder most troops. They also have archers mounted atop worgs who have a deadly aim and they usually carry decent arrows if someone were in need of them. They protect their goods in a small hole located between a few mounds and under a rock located in the center of the ridges. Within the creek is a crypt, which consists of a necromancer who thought it would be a good place to make his new home. The crypt goes down four levels deep and is filled with his undead goons. There is also a cave at the northeast corner of the creek filled with hag spawns and a nasty Nail Hag. These prefer to stick to themselves but use the goblins and kobolds outside as a buffer for their lair. If you head to the Northwest side of the creek you can also find a cave filled with razor bears, brown bears, bats of all kinds, and Kobolds. These creatures are used as a protective defense for the ogre chieftan who lies on the other side of the cave. His land is quite large and ridged. The chieftan has many ogre mages, ogre brutes and ogres who protect his claim to the land. They throw rocks, cast spells, and hit really hard but they are simple beings and are easily taken down with a little experience.
Chapter 3:
Point is our next point to get to. The point is located on Rustin Road inside the Axfell outer gates. Point consists of worg riding goblins who are led by the Worg leader. These arrow shooting, and spell casting worg riding goblins come in quantities here, and are quite a nuisance. The leader is not to be trifled with either. They may not seem like much, but when there are many of them, it’s much more difficult than you might think. They have a hidden stash under a pile of bones you can rummage through, where their leader stays very close to. We also have yellow glade, which is just outside the Axfell inner gate behind the mountains if you take a left when leaving the fort. The Yellow Glade consists of a lot of bandits, varying from common thugs to archers and clerics. The dogs have a venom that is poisonous as well, so I would try to stray away from getting bitten. The bandit boss is another matter, he may not seem tough but he packs quite a punch. His stash is also hidden behind a mountain where you will find him near. It is well concealed if you are not looking for it, but it is obvious once you have found it.
Chapter 4:
Next stop we have is the top cave located along the Rustin Road on a ridge. In this cave you will find bugbears, the bugbear heroes, the bugbear shamans, and the bugbear chieftan. The shamans are a bit too fond of their spells, in which they deal quite a blow to large groups of soldiers. The heroes, are strong, and resilient warriors who have no fear of charging into you and your allies. And the chieftan seldom worries about common soldiers entering his caverns until they reach him and his stashes of goods. We also have another cave located just next to the top cave which is filled with some goblins who strayed further away from the fort. They also have some bugbears to protect them as well. In this cave you can find Silver ore, Iron ore, and Lapis Lazuli gems. There is also a nice stash of loot in a chest where you will find the goblins huddled around. Once again I warn you to be aware of the shamans and their devastating spells. I have no doubt on several occasions been bested by them when I first started exploring their lair.


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