DM's please be careful spawning monsters

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DM's please be careful spawning monsters

Post  SnarleysAngel on Sun Mar 13, 2011 10:09 pm

It has now happened at least two times that I know of that DM's have spawned monsters that have given players loot drops that do not occur on the server naturally. This is problematic because an unfair advantage can be gained by the players or forts that get their hands on these things.

One player who got some gear was very co-operative when I asked them to get rid of it, another was not so much. If you have any questions about what happened either time please contact me directly via pm here or in the game.

If there is anyway to prevent monsters you spawn from dropping any loot that would be good to.

As a side note I guess the bug where people were not able to die was encountered again. Not sure if you have talked about it or were aware of it yet, but Alessio player said they think they know the problem please talk with them.


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Re: DM's please be careful spawning monsters

Post  VelvetRoom on Mon Mar 14, 2011 6:07 am

So sorry. I did notice that loot and remove most of what i could find. As for the non death issue, Alessio and i figured it was the diffilculty slider. When set to easy or very easy, no one will die. It happens when the server reboots sometimes, We will keep an eye for it.

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