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Post  TheeVals on Fri Mar 11, 2011 4:22 am

It has become apparent that the alarms to warn of enemy invasion aren’t being taken seriously. Every loyal soldier to the Cleaven army should react to these alarms by defending the fort.
Newly arrived recruits may be excused. Yet experienced warriors shouldn’t ignore these alarms, especially if they fought for axfell and need to prove them selves trustworthy.


*The ink seems to be emphasised on the discription of fighting alongside the enemy, and the words loyal and trustworthy are underlined thrice.
It is obvious this note posted on the bulletin board in cleaven is in reference to questioning a soldier's loyalty.
News of it travels quickly to Ranzington where it is passed around as a gossip.*

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Cleaven Loyalty Empty Re: Cleaven Loyalty

Post  Psychologic on Mon Mar 14, 2011 5:43 pm

*A heavy-built dwarf, armed from head to toe in golden armor with black silk, walks up to the bulletin to read. The words strike deep, as he remembers the conversation he had days ago with the Cleaven General. He pulls out a merchant's quill-feather, a parchment, a small vial of ink, and begins to write. When he is finished writing and no one is looking, he pulls a box beneath the bulletin board in order to obtain the height he needs, and then gently hammers the parchment in place, just beneath Myra's notice. It reads:

"Oi, Remmi Goldorff Blackbeard, ave'ere-boi pledged me loyalty, befer Moradin the Holy Forger, me fella dwarven kin, ond oll'o thus'who serve ter Fort Cleaven. Oi swar me pick'oxes ter mine in the aid'o her battle'operatins, me hommer, to forge grat weapons'n'armuh fer combot in suppert. Foinally, Oi pledge me shield to keep off oll betrayers to, ottockers of, ond spies aginst Fort Cleaven. Oye pledge me axe ter cut down her enemies, nay motter how big thay be, ond if thay be ter small to hit with an axe, oil crush thaym beneath me'boot, in the name of Al'mighty Moradin! Oi moy nut be the most powr'ful dwarf yut, but Oi be gittin thar. In that mean time, tho our enemy slay me, Oi will give me life ter this cause. Tho they defeat me, let tham knuw now, Oi will nut go down withut a fight. Thar men may be powerful, but with one swing'o'me oxe, Oi con change both they religion, ond the pitch at which they speak. Hear ye, hear ye, Long live Fort Cleavens!"


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