Speculations formed in the City

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Speculations formed in the City Empty Speculations formed in the City

Post  TheeVals on Fri May 13, 2011 4:47 am

Pod reached the city's fortifications and carefully walked through the narrow tunnel entrance.
She chuckles a bit discomforting and shouts up at the guards playfully
-"Any more narrow and my wings won’t fit! Honestly with all the people roaming around with wings you'd think there would be more accommodations!"

She jogs onward over the right bridge, always the right one she thought to herself, as the left one has to many cracks, as if cattle have been climbing over it.

As soon as she entered the big gates a pungent stench hit her nostrils.
-"Oh my gosh!!! It smells like something died..."
She entered with caution satisfied to see the marketplace as peaceful as ever, and following the scent to its source; The church of tri!

The moment she entered the church she saw some unrecognizable corpse laying in front of the pillar flame to the left of the entrance, abandoned to rot away.
But it was apparent -that- wasn't the source. She scanned the room wondering how Damian and Landric can stand there idle on the room's left side without the scent, finally by removing her dragon mask/helmet she noticed Jayson across the fountain at the back of the room.

He was surrounded by smelly rat corpses, a flag with a message, an impaled male reproductive part... as well as an aggravated skunk and its dead kin.

Pod summed up the courage to sneak on over and slowly snatch up the flag to read over its message, noticing the skunk wasn't bothered by her she run outside and away from the church for fresh air.

A grin formed across her pale face and her red draconic wings flapped excitedly as her eyes looked over the message on the flag. Pod's thoughts raced jumping to conclusions; A family feud? A scorn lover? Must be that freak of nature, Myra! She was cheating on Than with Jayson.. ah-ha! -That- must be why he left!
Pod let out a delightful high-pitched 'Eeee' sound, having formed nearly her best rumor yet!

She just had to tell someone, anyone! She needed an ear to whisper these possible truths and creative fictions into!
So... she darted towards the magus, thinking to herself; need to restock on that delicious tasting red juice he sells anyways, Two stones and One bird!
However something delayed Pod when she noticed The wanted signs, quickly at the sight of familiar wording she did a double check on the flag's message verses the initial sign's reply.

Pod's grin turned wicked for a moment, loving the drama before her eyes and then she realized something causing her jaw to drop open and her wings to spread out farthest from each other.
she let out a loud shriek; "THIS IS SO SCANDALOUS!"

Not at all disappointed with her previous assumptions proven wrong, Pod was more than satisfied to settle on the new gossip formulated in her mind. She entered and mingled with manus and at the right moment found that ear she had been craving and whispered the gossip threatening to have her burst at the seams in excitement.

Her message was simple enough to understand, she took the time to explain it.
She lingered in the city whispering into any willing, and a few unwilling irritated, ears she could find before returning to Fort Cleaven to spread the news further.

The news she had to spread was as follows;
"The axfell known as 'J.J.' was involved with a cleaven, Its true! I hear just a week ago she was laying flowers at his feet, and now she offers him a bunch of dead mice. I saw him surrounded by them, -surrounded- I tell you. Oh and yes I am sure it must have been her because this nifty message I've got as proof was left behind."
Pod clears her throat and reads -some of- the message
"-ahem- 'I was a fool to trust you or listen to the lies you spewed from your mouth so easily'. Now that definitely sounds like a woman with a broken heart. Don't you think so? Isn't it odd for a person involved in war to trust an enemy enough to feel betrayed. Talk about a turn of events, if not a tragedy! You know what they say: hell hath no fury like a woman scorn and the heartless man is the deadliest of men!"

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