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Post  QanaLuella on Tue May 10, 2011 1:30 pm

Nica sits alone in the fort cleaven forest, blowing steam after a huge fight with Than and partly with Myra too.
Sadly she is petting the panther Tilgis, feeling utterly alone in the darkness of her blind world.
- I really done it this time Tilgis. There is no way I can make Than... welll not hate me anymore, and after all that I said, Myra probably hates me too.
Nica sniffs a little, taking her hood off to better feel the wind in her face.
- I said some things out of line, but I also was right about some things... I hope Myra knows that, so it ain't only me who is going to apologize...
Tilgis moves to lie with her head on Nicas lap, clearly not worried and loves all the petting attension she is getting.
- I just wish Than could see it too, but whatever happened to him, the scar is apperently too great to repair. My hope for the good in people has faded away with my eyesight.
Sighs and drinks some water, Tilgis not paying attension since she has fallen asleep.
- Elriel and Nicha says they can't fix my eyesight, but says they know someone at the mainlands who might. But do I leave? Would that be for the better for everyone? How do I tell Nather, and what of the promise I made Myra never to leave? But I can't keep my promise about becoming a great recruit if I can't see anything. Than was right. A Blind Warrior is a Useless one.
Tilgis sniffs to Nica's fingers then licks them joyfully.
- Well your no help at all in all of this!


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