Server space, and AFK players

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Server space, and AFK players

Post  DM Starbridge on Tue Mar 08, 2011 12:08 am

Not that alot of people are on the forums very much, but I guess I should start somewhere.

If the player count keeps getting higher and higher as it has been for the past week or so. I will ask that anyone not playing to log out to make room for people that are interested in playing. I will not take levels and boot like before, I will just boot you to make room for players looking into the server for the first time or players that will be at their computers.

How this will work. If I send a msg to you and I do not get a replay back in 3 minutes, you get booted. If you rejoin just to AFK again to take up room, I will remove your character from your log folder for a few days til you get the hint and then place them back in. If you keep doing it, I will just hold your character in limbo longer. Please be nice to new players that want to interact with other people, I have been asked to make a script that will auto boot people that are AFK for longer than 5 min, and I would like to avoid this if I can, but I will get one if its the only way to keep players active.

Thank you for playing. Please spread the word about the forums so everyone can stay in the loop.

EDIT: This will only take place if I start to hover around 25-27 players most of the time with a lot of AFK players. I cannot bring the cap up anymore, I have been getting a few lag reports here and there when the server gets a bit full.
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