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Chronicles of Anphillia Empty Chronicles of Anphillia

Post  Lunatik on Sun Jun 25, 2017 11:39 am

We have had a successful soft open of Anphillia Chronicles.
(We were dissatisfied with the Host we had with Anphillia Generations and decided to return once more to a version of Anphillia Continuum with a brand new Hosting Server that allows for all the things that made Continuum a success.)
We have also added a few things to spice it up!

For simplicity we kept the Anphillia Generations Forum, but thoroughly gutted it to make way for Chronicles.
We did away with the cumbersome files of AG and made new sleeker,  easily accessible set of Downloads. all available via links in Forum to the NWN Vault.

We hope you come check us out! Very Happy

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