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Post  DeathWarding on Thu Mar 19, 2015 5:17 pm

Let me give us a quick briefing on the current status of the anphillia ascension server that's up and running.

This server is not mine nor am I part of the administrative team, but the host hasn't been around for the past few anphillia servers & doesnt have old contacts, so lets give a helping hand to spread the word for him.

Due to the masterserver being down & the lack of people checking the old forum, is keeping from everyone from knowing this striving server is up and running. Which to My Conclusion below

We need everyone to "branch out" & Net-Work. Word of mouth is going to be the golden ticket. Anyone who has contact with any old anphers. We must Get a hold of The admin Felix on the old forum to send out mass-email to every member on there to let them know this server is alive. If everyone can chip in, we will have a community again.  

Anyone who still cares about carrying on this gem we all held dear to our hearts over the years, anphillia.  This is a promising chance to make new good memories like the old days.   We just need people to know.  

The Server is a Polished up, bug-free V3 module,  its low-magic -low exp.  Its teambased and promotes more RolePlay.   This is one for the old classic feel, not to say moths mod was bad but its not all about mass magic and lvling.    

Please everyone who can reach out and help it can go a far way! <---- Forum Link <--- IP ADDRESS TO Anphillia Ascension Server

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